March is termite awareness month

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Wood damages in your home ?

March is termite awareness month.

What are termites?

They are insects that usually swarm in the spring that are attracted to moisture and can be destructive to trees.  Termites can invade property through the sub-structures or rooflines of homes.   Subterranean termites that travel through the soil can form mud or hollow tunnels that can consume walls and wood furniture.  There are many species in the world and $5 billion of property damage has been documented.  There are dampwood-Termites, drywood-termites, Formosan-termite, and subterranean-termites.  They invade homes and eat away the cellulose of wood.  They are silent feeders, live in colonies and the can go unnoticed for weeks or months until cracks or soften wood is apparent. They are active 24 hours a day and can cause damage to the foundation of homes causing expensive damages.  There are usually very small and similar to ants in size.  They are long, narrow and oval and have 6 legs and wings, there color can vary from yellowish, creamy, brown, and light brown.

What it looks like?

Damages can be noticed after termites have colonized and damages are visible.  Termites are not identified or easily seen while colonizing.  Wood may appear damaged or eaten away.  Wood may also appear dry and soft.  844-JOE-BUGS  If you need a trained technician to inspect or provide annual maintenance please contact us at : Pest Control Xpert.  (732) 702-2220 or visit us at



What are the cost associated with termites?

The cost for an inspection is free and the maintenance is much less expensive than the cost produced by termite damage.  The most expensive cost is on the repairs than the control of these unwanted pests.

The damages caused by termites is not covered by homeowners insurance and preventative annually maintenance is recommended.

Due to the different species of termites treatment varies and should be inspected and handled by trained professionals.  Effective termite maintenance control can avoid damages and future expenses associated with termites.  For effective control and treatment please contact us at for a free inspection at: or call us for a free inspection at (732-702-2220.


We service termites in New Jersey and are servicing the areas of Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, and Hudson Counties.



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